Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Friday, October 2, 2009


Nick and I have gone through our fair share of feeling as if we don’t belong. We’re at an interesting stage in our lives. Here we are now, married for over 5 years. Most of our friends are either single without kids or married with kids. There aren’t many “like us,” who are just married with no children. This can make it difficult in spending time with friends. Single friends hang out with single friends because they don’t want to feel like the third wheel. And friends with children can’t always hang out as easily, or they would rather hang out with friends who have children so when they get together their children can play together. Needless to say, oftentimes, we feel left out.

We don’t blame anyone and know it’s not anyone’s fault. We just keep plugging away, knowing that someday we’ll have children of our own. We keep that hope because we know that nothing defeats hope! And although that hope builds, but then also falters as we go through each disappointment, we know that ultimately, it’s going to be okay. Graciously, God has turned those disappointments into appointments with Him. We are learning a lot and trusting a lot. We pray this journey leads us to a life long ministry of being able to support and comfort others in their times of need.

So, I’m choosing to keep believing, to keep trusting, and to keep hoping. I’ll do anything to become a mother. And I know that day will come and will be worth every second of the hardships along the way.

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