Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Sunday, December 20, 2009


People become pregnant by having sexual intercourse. Or at least that’s how I always thought I’d get pregnant. I thought I knew how to make a baby! People jokingly asked me if we were “doing it right.” Ha, ha, very funny. (not really!) So naturally I started questioning myself. I’ve only had one sexual partner, so honestly, I did start to think that maybe we were having sex “wrong.”

Without getting into detail (and here’s one of those parts I mentioned that you might not want to hear), we tried it all. I’ve layed in bed for up to an hour after, just to try to keep it all in. I’ve propped my butt up on pillows to keep it all from sliding out. I’m surprised we didn’t hang me up from the ceiling by my feet to let gravity take it’s course. (Trust me, I did momentarily contemplate it.) We tried at different times of the day.

It wasn’t until the “conventional” way didn’t work for us, that I realized I may be one of those people that would have an “unconventional” story. After two of my IUI’s, from the reproductive female nurses at MAYO, I was really hoping I could finally tell people that I got pregnant “from a woman without even having sex.” What a story for the baby book! Ha! After those failed and going on with our first round of in-vitro, I then found myself hoping that I could tell people that I got pregnant “from a man who isn’t my husband without even having sex.” Ha! Even better!

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