Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Nick and I, together have found hope in God’s time and His plan for our family. It is this hope that keeps us on our path. Even though at times we may waver, we soon find ourselves right back where we need to be. We’ve been tested to our limits, but we have survived. We’ve been strengthened together as friends, lovers, and future parents.

We’re proud of ourselves amidst this crazy ride. I’ve heard PRIDE described as: “Personal Responsibility for Individual Daily Effort.” It has taken that daily effort, those baby steps. We’re proud that we’ve taken it one day at a time, moving forward even when oftentimes, we so desperately wanted to stop. We’ve gone through and sacrificed a lot in order to make our family. But, we’d do it all over again….no questions asked. We’ve stood in faith for all these years and we’re not stopping now. And we know God will faithfully and lovingly answer our prayers according to His will.

A blessing from our infertility is that we’re stronger both individually and as a couple. We’ve leaned on each other and our faith and relationship with God has strengthened. The next steps are yet to be made, but we are certain that our love for each other and our future children will never diminish. So, we’re celebrating that love for each other, our love for our Lord, and our love for our future children.

If you told me in the beginning of our infertility that I would grow to feel a sense of purpose, pride, and passion for infertility– I would have thought you were crazy. But it’s true. As the years have passed, we’ve changed. Infertility resides in our hearts. Infertility is a part of who we are. And we’re okay with that.

I believe in miracles. And I know someday I’ll be a mother.

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