Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Nick in his special scrubs! Ready for the Embryo Transfer!

After our Embryo Transfer! Come on babies...make a nice home!

We had our Embryo Transfer this morning at Mayo. And amazingly not much nerves...mostly excitement!!!!!

We left early because we had to drive in the freezing rain! (Seems there always bad weather when we need to drive there!) We checked into the hospital at 8:30am, I took a Valium, and relaxed in the room. (The Valium actually didn't do anything to me. They said some people get loopy and some don't, but I didn't feel any different. Guess I can handle my drugs! HA!) We watched a movie, "The Proposal” to pass the time. At 10am, they wheeled me down into pre-op and Nick got to come along in his sexy scrubs, booties, cap, and mask! I was so glad he was able to see the rooms I was in on Tuesday and experience this with me. The Embryologist said our embryos were right on schedule and growing great.

They were all the same group of nurses and doctors that were with me on Tuesday. I have a "grandpa" crush on my favorite doctor there...meaning I wish he was my grandpa. He is such an amazing doctor and it doesn't hurt that he has a wonderful accent! The nurses had told me how wonderful he was and that once you're his patient, he treats you like family! They weren't kidding - he held my hand, was very supporting, and gave me kind words of encouragement. The procedure went great. It was painful, as the “clamp” had to be in for a while and they sort of scraped the area out. I was taking deep breaths pretending I wasn’t there. Anything to keep from moving my body. I didn’t want to harm the embryos! Another not so fun part was my full bladder. By that time I hadn't urinated in over 4 hours and had to go bad! But you need a full bladder for the procedure to go smoother.

They injected 2 embryos (no chance of a future octomom here!), which is the highest that Mayo will put in for someone of my age. It was pretty incredible to watch the ultrasound on the screen and watch the catheter go in and once it reached it's destination - out popped the 2 little round embryos. Incredible! Not many people get to see their babies at that stage. I couldn’t believe this was happening. These are our babies! I already feel so "attached" to these little embryos. I pray they burrow into my uterine lining to stick around and grow strong.

So, back up to the room at 10:50am and I was on bed rest for 1 hour. I was determined to make it without having to pee. But about 35 minutes into it, I was about ready to explode, so I had to use a bedpan. The pressure was just too much, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was stabbing myself with my nails trying to get pain elsewhere so I wouldn’t wet myself! I called Jesse quick to ask her how it worked because I was scared! (What a wimp!) I really didn't want to but I had no other choice. But now I can say I've done that. Everyone needs to say they've used a bedpan at least once before right? Isn't it on everyone's lifelong to-do-list? HA!

This time they made me leave the hospital in a wheelchair. I enjoyed being pampered by Nick and waited for him to get the car to pick me up. The men at the door were funny. When Nick pulled up, they said, "Your Camry has arrived." Then they wheeled me out. I could get used to that service. HA!

There are some interesting rules I need to follow during all of this. Such as: no hard working out or twisting of the waist (no golf, tennis, bike riding, etc.) We gotta protect those embryos! No lifting more than 25 pounds, no using any lotions/perfumes, no alcohol, no being around chemicals/toxic fumes such as paint, glue, etc., No sex until after the pregnancy test! And if positive, then no sex until after the ultrasound 3 weeks later. (Gee, this is a nice break. HA!)

I'm feeling pretty good...just super tired...a little cramping and my butt hurts from the progesterone shots. I've been relaxing the rest of the day while Nick worked from 3-7pm. I napped twice! My body is so worn out...but I'm not complaining. Naps have now become a part of my daily routine. I am excited to hopefully get some energy back and feel a little more normal. For the next few weeks, there's no exercising or twisting (this includes vacuuming...woo hoo!) and no lifting over 25 pounds.

Today is one of my dearest friends, Keri's birthday. She joked it would be good luck for us! I sure hope so! Now the waiting game begins. Come on your new home!!

Being wheeled to the car after the embryo transfer.

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