Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


More great news! I called the "Mayo Lab Talk Hotline" and received a wonderful message from the Embryologist. Out of the 14 eggs they retrieved yesterday, they inseminated 12 with Nick's sperm (I sure hope it was Nick's anyway! HA!) 10 out of the 12 fertilized normally...which is awesome! So, they froze 8 embryos yesterday on day 1, which will be stored at Mayo for 3 months and then transferred a cryostorage company in Minneapolis. And the remaining 2 embryos are waiting to be transferred back into me tomorrow morning!! We go in at 8:30am for our Embryo Transfer. Just a Valium and bedrest for 1 hour, then we can go! :) Then the wait begins!!!!!!!!

I can't believe we have 2 "babies" waiting for us tomorrow! And 8 "frozen babies". I sure hope they behave well in their embryo daycare! It's weird you have to pay for daycare for embryos!!

So, 2 embryos could mean 2 babies...twins! (With IVF, it's around a 20% chance for twins.) And if those split naturally - then that's 4! Yikes, let's just hope for 1 or 2. We're so excited with anticipation, faith, and hope! We know God has great plans for our family and we pray and hope that this is it!

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