Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Saturday, January 30, 2010


The infertility department isn't "open" on the weekends at Mayo, but they are for those doing IUI's or IVF since you still need to come in for blood tests and ultrasounds according to your cycle! So, it's like “mission impossible” when you go in on Saturday or Sundays because the lights are all off and there's only a nurse and doctor there. It's like it's a secret meeting or something. You feel as if you’re trespassing!

Nick would have to meet a guard in another building to be escorted to the special place for sperm samples, because it wasn’t open. Then we’d go to the Infertility Dept. and wait around in the dark. It was just crazy! You feel like you’re in a ghost town, but rather a ghost clinic!

For both of our IUI’s at Mayo, my cycle landed them on weekends. (Which worked out nice for Nick’s work schedule.) And during our IVF cycle, we had some ultrasounds on the weekend as well. So, we did a few of these “secret missions.” And they were sort of fun!

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