Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Through the years of imagining of when we’d become pregnant, we thought we had it figured out how exactly it would all occur. We’d take a pregnancy test at home together and see those two beautiful pink solid lines together for the first time EVER. We knew exactly how we’d tell our family and friends, on our time, as a complete surprise to them all. And honestly, we thought we’d just get pregnant on our own, in-between all the fertility treatments.

None of those came true!

After IVF, we weren’t allowed to take a pregnancy test because of the fact that the fertility drugs in my system could give me a false positive or a false negative. Instead, I went in for a blood test and had to wait hours knowing that SOMEONE at Mayo already knew if I was pregnant or not, long before I did. And many of our family and friends knew we were doing in-vitro, so they knew exactly when we were to find out. No surprise there! (And of course we didn’t get pregnant on our own like I had imagined so many times.)

And even though it wasn’t like we had imagined or planned, it was just as sweet. And we couldn’t have cared less.

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