Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Friday, March 12, 2010


I just love how the doctor labeled this "two heads are better than one."

Baby A and Baby B just chillin' together on this wonderful Friday!

It’s been a busy week with three appointments at the clinic. I had an appointment with the Nurse Educator on Tuesday, then a Dietitian on Wednesday, and now today, Friday, is our first appointment with our “old” doctor.

The appointment with the Dietitian was interesting. Women who are pregnant with multiples are suggested to have this appointment. We went over my current food intake, what foods are great to eat while pregnant to nourish the baby, what NOT to eat, and generally how many more calories I should be consuming each day. I was excited to see that my current food intake is right on to what I should be having. Guess I eat healthier than I think!

Since our last time at the Owatonna clinic, it has since moved into a brand new building. We were thankful that we didn’t have to go to the same “old” place where we sat so many times wondering if we’d ever be pregnant. Just the site of the old clinic/hospital causes my heart rate to increase. Every appointment had so much hope weighing on it and there was never any guarantee that things would work out. So, it was an amazing feeling to be walking into this new clinic for the first time knowing that we were for sure pregnant. It’s great to start fresh in a place that doesn’t hold so much baggage for us. Brand new feelings for a brand new place….it’s a fresh new start that we have prayed for, for many years.

Seeing our “old” doctor and nurse was such a joyous moment. They were so excited and happy for us. It felt so wonderful to be back with them, as we think the best of them. They are fantastic! We're thankful to be with them as they are sensitive to our journey this far to have this pregnancy.

It was music to our ears when our doctor told us that we will be having an ultrasound every month due to the fact that we’re having twins. Photos of our babies every month…awesome! Sounds fabulous to me!

During this ultrasound, I kept saying, "they're sooo cute" over and over. But it was true - they are so cute!! Baby A and Baby B are measuring right on schedule, although Baby B is a few days bigger than Baby A. Both heartbeats are great in the 140’s and 150’s. We had a special surprise as Baby A waved at us! We were in awe! We’re thinking Baby B is a boy and Baby A is a girl. (Baby A waved at us, so she's a sweetheart and Baby B is bigger so he's the boy!)

This is just all too amazing. What a miracle. We’re just beaming! These are our babies!

Beautiful Baby A

This is referred to the "teddy bear" photo, as at this stage they look like little teddy bears. See Baby B on in the left placenta. Big head, little stump arms and legs. So adorable!

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