Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Monday, March 29, 2010


Week 8: I’m still exhausted all the time. And I don't just mean tired, I mean EXHAUSTED! People joke with me and say, "Ha. You think you're exhausted now, wait till the babies come." But this is totally different. I know people don't understand and it's hard to explain. No matter how much sleep I get, I just can't function. It depends upon the day but it’s hard to accomplish much on these “bad” days. I generally feel weak all day long. I can’t do much physical activity and need to sit down a lot. I feel so wimpy but I’ve read pregnancy symptoms can be doubled with twins. Double the pain but double the fun, right? Along with feeling week, oftentimes I feel dizzy if I move too fast. Getting ready in the morning proves to be especially difficult. I feel faint and have to sit down and rest often. I’ve resorted to blow drying my hair while sitting down as well!

Week 9: My pants are getting tight. Oftentimes my button isn’t buttoned to allow some extra breathing room. My breasts are very large. Had to go buy a larger bra already…Wow! I’ve had a few headaches here and there, but they’re usually at night so I just sleep it off. I've also joined the prenatal symphony of burps, flatulence, and rumbling tummy.

Week 10: Progesterone shots are DONE! I had my last progesterone shot in the buttock! I’m excited to get some feeling back in my numb legs and the knots/bruises to disappear. I’m generally feeling a little better overall. Food is going down a little easier. And I seem to be gaining a bit of energy back. I still feel weak and need to eat a little something every couple hours.

Week 11: We went on vacation to Tucson, Arizona this week. The two travel days were a little rough on me. I normally do fine on flights, but I guess the babies didn’t seem to agree. We took it easy during the vacation, taking time to head back to the hotel and lay out by the pool daily, so that was nice to help me rested.

Here's a photo of a wine bottle full of needles and syringes that I've used during the IVF process. It was completely full so we had to find a new container for the rest! Now it gets brought to the clinic to be disposed of. Awesome! I'm happy to get ride of that thing!

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