Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here's an ultrasound photo from today! (It's of their heads, side by side!)

The day has finally arrived! We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning to find out the sexes of the twins. As we left the house, I felt so anxious and nervous. I had been rubbing my belly the last few weeks giving the twins a pep talk to not be shy and show us what they've got! :) And...great news, the precious babies listened to their mommy and daddy! They weren't shy...they definitely showed their stuff!

Drum roll please.......Baby A is a BOY...and Baby B is a boy! WOAH BABY! Both babes are looking healthy and measuring great. Today, I'm 20 weeks and 3 days along. Baby A is measuring 20 weeks 1 day and Baby B is measuring 19 weeks 3 days. They're both laying sideways across my belly with their heads in the same direction. I think they're cuddling, but others think they're wrestling.

I experienced another interesting thing today as I almost passed out while laying down on the exam table! Not too long into the ultrasound, I started feeling very weak, sweaty, and dizzy. (And I've passed out before so I know exactly what it feels like and this was it!) The doctor had me move from my back over to resting on my left side. He said this was normal as laying on your back isn't the best position for someone who's pregnant, especially with twins. It all has to do with blood flow. Your heart rate increases during pregnancy to pump more blood, and as more of your blood supply goes to the uterus, your heart will be working harder to send sufficient blood to the rest of your body. And of course this doubles with twins. And when you're on your back, the weight of your uterus lies on the spine, back muscles, intestines, and major blood vessels. This can lead to impaired circulation, which can reduce circulation to your baby. It can make your blood pressure drop, causing some expectant moms to experience dizziness.

Fortunately, he could keep doing the ultrasound okay from that side position. Nick was fanning me with some papers and I started cooling off. I felt better and moved to laying on my back again. But just a minute later, it all came back again. So back onto my left side again. I swear the weirdest stuff always happens to me. My sister jokes that my body is a medical mystery. I think she's right!

It was amazing to watch the twins move around so much during the ultrasound! I asked our doctor if he was SURE they were both boys. He said, "If those are girls with those things sticking out...we have a problem!" So, boys it is! :) He labeled on the photo printout of Baby B - "I'm a MAN!!!" And on Baby A's, he wrote, "I'm a BETTER MAN!!!". Hilarious!

It's their momma who's getting really big. I'm measuring at 28 weeks today, even though I'm only 20 weeks along. Which is right on track with twins. Keep in mind that when I'm 28 weeks along, my uterus will be about 40 weeks along. (So full term for a pregnancy with a single baby.) This means I will be large and probably start growing out the sides as well instead of just in front! Yikes!

This girlie girl who is afraid of dirt and doesn't know much about sports is quite amazed that she's growing 2 little baby boys. Nick and I both really thought it'd be one girl and one boy. Now begins the picking out of names (Which we are not sharing first names with anyone! You'll just have to wait!), decorating the nursery, buying two of many items, registering, etc. Yippee!! Bring on the boys!

I sure have a lot to learn as I have NO EXPERIENCE with boys! So please send any good advice as I will need it! What a wonderful adventure this will be! Thank you God for healthy precious babies.

Thanks for your continued love and prayers!

Here's Baby B: Definitely a boy! "I'M A MAN!"

Baby A: Definitely a boy! "I'M A BETTER MAN!"

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