Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm officially 20 weeks today! It's the halfway mark! We have our next doctor's appointment on Thursday to have another ultrasound and find out the sexes of the babies!! I can barely contain myself!! I've been giving the babies a pep talk, rubbing my belly saying, "spread your legs, spread your legs!" Here's a photo of me last week at 19 weeks!

Week 18: The weirdest symptoms I’ve had so far started this week. There’s a heartbeat in my left ear!! Seriously! I looked it up and was thankful that I’m not going crazy. It’s caused by the increased blood flow. Every so often, especially if I’m moving around a lot, I hear and feel this pounding in my left ear. It literally feels as if there’s a heart pounding in my left ear. Very weird!

Also, urinating during the day has become crazy. I feel like it’s all I ever do! (Although getting up to urinate at night has stopped. What a blessing that is! Feels like I sleep so much better without having to get out of bed!)

Week 19: I’ve had some bad bad spurts of heartburn this week. But mostly bothering me have been my feet, as they have been aching a lot this week. They feel sore, as if I need to have support, so I’ve started wearing tennis shoes around the house. But also, my hands and feet have begun to swell. It started when we were on vacation to the Wisconsin Dells this week. I couldn’t even wear my wedding ring there the last day because my fingers were so swollen. And my feet didn’t really even look like my feet. Plus, it doesn’t help that right now it’s 90 degrees and humid here. So, I have been elevating my feet as often as I can but I feel like it doesn’t help anyway. During the day my feet hurt and I want to wear tennis shoes, but I can’t because my feet are swollen and it’s too tight with them on. Now my feet are aching because I can’t wear shoes and they’re swollen. Oh well – bring it on, summer!

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  1. I remember being that swollen with Aubrey in November and December and oh yeah I couldn't wear tennis shoes either I had a special pair that didn't tie they were just stretch sketchers shoes. Good luck girl swelling isn't fun but keep elevating!