Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Nick and I took a birthing class called, “Birth, Babies, and Beyond “ through the local ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education). It was a 4 session class, with each session lasting 2.25 hours. They went over pregnancy tips, stages of labor, labor positions, pain meditations, relaxation/breathing, newborn care, resources, etc. We took the class in June, which was during my 5th month. You’re ideally supposed to take it during your 8th month. But it was the only dates that would work for us and we figured in case I delivered early, it’d be best to take it then. Most of these ladies were near the end of their pregnancies and I was literally bigger than most of them already. CRAZY!

Having worked in childcare, a degree in Elementary Childhood with a specialization in pre-primary, experiences with my nieces, and just speaking with friends/family, I already knew a lot of what the class offered. But it was still nice to go over again. Although I really wished the class went over more of newborn care, such as how to take are of a baby AFTER you leave the hospital…and especially with twins! I felt out of place in the class because I wanted to ask specific questions regarding to twins, but I didn’t want to waste everyone else’s time there that it didn’t apply to. I wish there was a professional to talk to about twins or a class to take. But in a town our size, there just isn’t that option.

Unfortunately, we had previous plans and we missed the 4th class session, which is about breastfeeding. This was the class session we need to be at the most! I was really disappointed about this as breastfeeding is one thing I’m sure I’ll need assistance with. And for double breastfeeding with twins, I’m sure it takes a little more skill. So I’m nervous about that part. But I know they have lactation consultants at the hospital that can help and even come in the home to assist.

Also during the last class that we missed, they did a tour of the birthing center. We spoke with the RN about this and after the first class, she gave Nick and I our own personal tour! This was the highlight of the class for me. The new birthing center at the brand new hospital here in town is beautiful! The rooms are very nice with great amenities. (gee…sounds like a hotel!) It was great to see the c-section room, since that will be where we will deliver. (With multiples, they have you deliver in the surgery room, just in case of emergencies.)

We had to bring pillows and blankets a few nights as we practiced relaxation techniques, including breathing and massage. Many of the women in the class mentioned how they were planning on having a natural birth with no medication. Nick and I would look at each other and grin because I’m planning on taking whatever drugs they can give me! More power to those ladies, but that will be a daunting task, to say the least! I’m looking for a fun, drug filled, pain free experience. HA!

Here are photos of Nick and I headed to class!!

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