Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Monday, June 7, 2010


Registering is a fine art. For months we've researched products, compared prices, and read countless reviews. It’s like a part time job Nick and I have created for ourselves. This strategy is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because we know more about the products and which ones we think will be great, that are the most cost efficient. But it’s also a curse because it takes a long time to go over all that information and we stress ourselves out about deciding which one to get, when to get it, and where to get it. That’s our OCD taking charge. At some point we’ve just realized that you just research a little, then just decide on something and stick with it. Because by this point – you’re just wasting your precious free time! And I guess we need to fall back on our parents advice, "We didn't have that stuff 30 years ago when you were born and YOU SURVIVED!" Because it is so very true!

Give us a little break though – this is double duty for us. With twins on the way, many items we need TWO of, so we want to be as frugal as possible. (This is our life story – we’re probably too frugal with everything.)Of course we’ve spent the longest research of bigger items such as cribs and nursery room furniture. And I’m pretty proud to say that I think we found the best deals possible!

We’ve received good advice and found ways to save money and have more room; such as buying a dresser and not a changing table. This way we can have more drawer room for double the clothes, plus we can keep the dresser forever and it can grow with the kiddos! We’re thankful for advice from other mommies and daddies out there. But at the same time, we know our situation is a little different with twins, so we oftentimes do have to think about things a little differently.

I’ve also read awesome books geared toward twins and received lots of ideas about what we really truly need TWO of and what not. And things that people just really don’t need at all – like those diaper genie things that hold the dirty diapers! And that many stores offer a discount for multiples – 10% off the second item of a double purchase. (ie: We got our 2nd crib for 10% off. Not that it’s a huge discount, but anything helps!)

Here are a few photos of us registering. Those “guns” are fun! Just point, shoot, and whala – it’s on the list!

Before we started, we thought registering was going to be very overwhelming. And it was at times, but overall, much better than we anticipated! What may have helped keep us in a great mood was that we found the cribs we wanted at USA Baby, on sale, plus we got 10% off the second, and a $10 coupon to use! So, after that big success - we started at Babies R Us and walked around the whole store, crossing off our items along the way. We spent a long time there – that store is huge! But we left feeling satisfied. (Probably because we also went to Khan’s Mongolian Barbeque for supper…YUMMY!!) Then we headed over to a Super Target and registered there as well. Mission accomplished!! And Nick and I were still on speaking terms! HA!

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  1. We purchased our crib and dresser/changing table at USA Baby and love it! I read all of the consumer reports while pregnant and still do. Safety was the main focus for me which turned me a bit OCD. But, the one things I have a different opinion on from your post is the diaper genie. I think having one is a MUST.