Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Will & Elijah!

And just like that my first little babies started the first grade and turned 7 years old!!

Their LEGO party theme was a blast to plan for. And fairly easy considering we already had so many Legos. And with using primary colors in the theme, that makes it so much easier to shop for and use items you just have around. Classic and fun!

That's typically what I do, try to plan a theme around things we already have and can use. Convenient and inexpensive! :)

We celebrated their birthday at my parent's farm in early September. It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Big 7 year olds on their birthday party day:

The twins designed their own Lego creations to go on the cake! 
Easy peezy!

I had purchased Lego plates, napkins, and banner on clearance at Walmart the year before knowing we would someday do a Lego themed party! What a deal! :)

We borrowed mega blocks from a friend to use so we could build a creation for the display table. Here's the cake "stand" Elijah made:

And the utensil holder Will created:

Guess how many Legos are in the jar! Always a fun and easy game. Forgot a prize though so gave out 4 one dollar bills instead. ;)

Purchased yellow cups and drew on Lego faces! Fun fun!

And of course party hats!

We had this Lego table the bigger kids could create on:

And mega blocks for the babies:

Already have books with your theme? Create an easy reading nook!

Printed these sheets so everyone could create their own Lego person:

Made up a Lego memory face game:

I'm a sucker for creating signs on a computer program and printing like crazy:

Happy 7th Birthday, Elijah!!

Happy 7th Birthday, Will!!

The twins share a birthday with my dad so we made him blow out a candle as well. 
He was super thrilled about it. HA! ;)

And Uncle Barry's Birthday in September too:

Opening gifts: Go Vikes!

Then later in the month, the boys had a friend birthday party! 
We let the kids run around crazy in the yard! :) 
And I was quickly reminded why I am not an elementary school teacher. 
I don't have enough patience. ;)


The only problem was it was CRAZY WINDY so things kept flying all over the place!

Just did cupcakes for this party and since I have no cake making abilities, 
it worked well to simply put a Lego on top. Pretty cute!

Party loot bags for this party:

Creating area:

Reading nook:

Thankful for great friends and cousins for the boys:

Making the same face as the Lego person cups they used! ;)

Cake and ice cream time:

Lego people they created: It was seriously so windy they didn't have to hold these up, 
they just stuck to their faces. :) :)

What great parties! :)

It's a.....................GIRL!!!!

(News previously shared to family and friends in September 2017)

Because of God's grace upon grace upon grace, we have been blessed. So very blessed. 

We are overjoyed and beyond grateful to add a precious little girl to our family. 

Appropriately due on Valentine's Day 2018 as we are already so very much in love with this miracle.

Thank you for your continued love and prayers.

Is this really happening? ;)

The big balloon pop reveal:

 Pink cookies to celebrate!!!

Vincelli Family - Party of 6!

A delayed post that was shared with family and friends back in July 2017:

Sometimes you pray and wait for 1460+ days for the miracle of one baby. But after many treatments, procedures, and one round of IVF, you hold not one but two babies in your arms. 💙💙

Sometimes you pray for another baby.
But after one unsuccessful round of FET (frozen embryo transfer), followed by a successful round of FET, your baby's heart stops beating and you lose a piece of your heart you'll never get back.

Sometimes when you feel like you are stuck among the darkest place of your life, God shows you He can do anything and you conceive a baby with no medical assistance. 💙

Sometimes your family still doesn't feel complete but you are terrified because infertility never truly leaves you. But you still trust and conceive a baby that very first month you decided to try. 💛

Lots of pain. Lots of joy. Sad tears. Happy tears. But through it all, one thing has never ever changed. God has been there, never leaving us....orchestrating all of the happenings of our lives to work together. Through all the ups and downs, we just keep trusting.

I know many people think I'm an over-sharer. Think what you will. But God's miracles aren't meant to be hidden. His grace and faithfulness in my life are something I will never hide. And I pray you see His hand in your life as well. Our story definitely wasn't our plan but it was God's plan. And that's more than enough for me.

Faith. Hope. Trust.

Nick, the boys, and I are beyond overjoyed and absolutely thrilled to share our latest miracle with you....due Valentine's Day 2018