Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Life is busy.

Therefore, I am crazy behind with blogging.

A few people are begging for some updates so here you go!

Even though the days can often pass by so slowly, my oh my, the months just pass right by. How does that happen? Somehow along the way, my little babies turned 21 months old on June 13th.

Even though they drive me crazy sometimes...there is such joy everyday in seeing them learn and watching their excitement over the smallest things. They make me appreciate so much more in this beautiful life God has given us!

Praise God for my precious miracles!

These photos were all taken from mid May to mid June.

E's "Cheesy" Grin (Usually when he sees me turn on the camera, he gets this smile and says, "Cheese!")

W's Cheesy Grin

Reading in the Reading Nook

Reading about TWINS with daddy.

New shirts mommy had made for us: Elijah's says "Older & Wiser", Will's says, "Younger & Cuter"

We are getting smarter...

We can finally fit in the BIG Target shopping carts. Yippee!

Tent fun!

We LOVE baths! Trying to get a good photo...HA!

Love this face!

Picnic outside!

A ride in the bike trailer!

At the Memorial Day parade!

Memorial Day parade fun!

Actually sitting at the table (Usually they are trying to climb and stand on TOP of it!)

Being silly...

All our girl cousins!

Relaxing in the backyard.

Helping mommy water plants.

Working hard drawing...

Climbing where we shouldn't be...



First time watching Daddy play softball with cousin, Emma!