Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Just a quick update today on my doctor’s appointment. All is well! I have gained another 6 pounds since my last appointment 2.5 weeks ago. This makes for a total of 39 pounds gained so far in this pregnancy! The babies’ heartbeats were just fine. And my fundal height is measuring at 45.5 centimeters. So…big…very, very, very big.

My blood pressure is back normal again to what it’s been the entire pregnancy. (Last appointment it was higher than it normally is for me.) So, I had to give a urine sample to test for Proteinuria, which is basically protein in your urine, which can be a sign of preeclampsia. My OB wanted to check this since at my last appointment, my blood pressure was higher than normal for me. But all is fine. (Oh, and speaking of peeing in a cup when you are very pregnant - hummm...well, it's interesting. Without going into much detail, just imagine what it's like to pee in a cup when you can't see past your belly!! Yes...interesting, very interesting!)

We talked a little more about a “birth plan.” And from where our doc found the heartbeats, he’s still assuming both babies are head down, so ready for a vaginal delivery. At this point we’re planning on a vaginal delivery, but there are so many things that can come up with twins, so I’m just nervous about the whole thing. Delivering one baby has got to be nerve-wracking enough, yet alone two!! I'm trying to tell myself that whatever happens is supposed to happen and all will be okay!

My doctor is very pleased with everything and hoping that we make it through the next 2 weeks just fine. (Because then we can stay and deliver here in town. If I go into labor before 36 weeks, we have to go over to the Mayo Clinic. And he said he only gets to actually deliver 30% of his twin pregnancies, because most go into labor early and are sent over to Mayo!) I keep joking with him that I'm going to make it to 36 weeks, just for him!!

He said it's a great accomplishment to make it to 34 weeks with no bed rest or no major medical issues (other than common pregnancy symptoms) for someone carrying multiples. He said I should be very proud. And I am proud! And I feel so very blessed. I must have a uterus of steel! HA!