Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My baby boys are 1 year old today. It's true what is said about how the days go by slowly, but the years pass on by. Even though some days seem to drag on forever, (oh come on, it's true, every parent feels this way from time to time!) how is it that one year has passed by already? Exactly one year ago today, my miracles arrived one month early. My life was suddenly and forever changed. I'm still adjusting. But I'm surviving. And that is something to be grateful for...

My emotions have been all over the place today. I'm overwhelmingly happy and sad, all at the same time. I am full of thankfulness for these two amazing gifts we've been given and for this year of precious memories. And I'm sad to say goodbye to this year of my babies. But'd be lying if I said I wasn't thankful that this first year of being a mother of multiples is over! I am so grateful to have survived year one of twins as it's the hardest job I've ever had. So today, I'm celebrating me too. Plus I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Nick with a card saying, "Happy 1 year anniversary of being an awesome mom of twins and just because I love you." Did you read that? Yup, that's right, he said I'm awesome. :)

I'm also celebrating Nick. He is such a loving father and seeing him as a daddy has filled my life with such joy. Together we have conquered year one. And we are filled with confidence and hope that year number two of "toddler craziness" will be just as successful.

...Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby twins. Elijah Kingsley & Will Clarence, you are loved beyond measure. This year has been filled with ups and downs, but through it all we give thanks for the precious blessings you are. Thank you for picking me to be your mommy and for all the joy you've added to my life. You are my miracles...

And Happy Birthday to my dad, Alan. The babies couldn't have been born on a more special day. They wanted to share with their Grandpa. I love you, daddio!

Enjoy this photo slideshow of memories from Eli and Will's 1st year!