Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I'm celebrating ordinary miracles on an extraordinary anniversary.

January 21, 2010 holds a very special place in my heart...

Exactly one year ago today, Nick and I watched the monitor in surgery at Mayo Clinic at the exact moment as our two embryos were being injected into my uterus. Little did we know BOTH of those two precious embryos would attach and grow into our beautiful, precious, twin boys that we hold in our arms today! Our dreams and prayers would come true, after 3 years, 3 months, and 18 days… (but who's counting??)

Dear Elijah & Will,

One year ago today you began your life inside of me. As your daddy and I waited 12 days after the Embryo Transfer Surgery to find out if you were there, we imagined what our lives could be like with you in it. We dreamed of our little family and all the joy we would have together.

And now, just one year later, we are celebrating the miracles of YOU. You are both such sweet angels, so very different from each other, but so full of the same love and joy. I'd be lying if I said you didn't drive me crazy from time to time, (hey, cut me some slack, two babies at the same time is challenging!) and I'd really love a full night's sleep someday (I'm highly doubting that will ever happen again) but I love you, nonetheless...every second of every day! :) No matter if it's a good day or a bad day, I give thanks and praise for you. I knew God had a plan for our family, and you, dear Elijah, and dear Will ARE IT. I'll spend the rest of my life thanking God for the blessings of you and the amazing gift of experiencing being a mother.

I love you my little E-Man and little Willie Wonkey. (And no, I'm not apologizing for giving you nicknames you'll probably dislike in the future!)

I am so honored to be your mommy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Exactly one year ago on this very day, January 19th, the twins started their life, outside of my body! One year ago today, I had my egg retrieval surgery at the Mayo Clinic, where 14 follicles were taken from my ovaries. 12 of the 14 follicles were "good" enough to make the cut and Nick's sperm was injected into those 12.

It's amazing that one year ago today our babies started hatching into embryos in their little petri dishes! It was a day filled with fear of the unknown future, but also a day filled with hope of the unknown future.

Knowing what I know now, looking back, I would tell myself this advice: "God has a plan for your family. Don't worry about the future, because God is already there. And you better watch out, it's gonna be a doozy! Be careful what you wish for! Because sometimes when you pray for a miracle, God gives you TWO!" :) :) :) :)

It's truly amazing how much one year can change things...

These photos are taken right after the egg retrieval surgery one year ago on January 19, 2010!

Friday, January 14, 2011


20 tiny fingers ready to play. 10 tiny toes dancing away. 4 tiny hands to hold from the start and 2 precious smiles that touch your heart. - Linda LaTourelle

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Happy 4 Months, Elijah & Will! You are so loved!

Here you two were today, sitting in your Bumbo's talking away and smiling at each other! You are getting so good at holding your heads up.

And here you were all dressed warm to head out to HyVee to go grocery shopping. (But we had to take you out of them because you got too warm before we got out the door!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm thankful for a lot of things...but today I'm REALLY thankful for...

my big sister. I'm thankful for her each and every day, but even more thankful today! Only my sister, Jesse, who is hugely 8 months pregnant (but beautifully hugely pregnant!) would venture out in the cold to pick me and the twins up, teach me how to strap the car seats in without the bases while crawling through the minivan, and bring the babies to get weighed. (I couldn't get out with my minivan because the snow plow went by and blocked me in with too tall of snow at the end of the driveway!)

But most importantly she let me borrow a t-shirt when Eli blew out through his diaper and clothes onto my shirt while we were at her house. :) Thanks for not making me sit in a poop covered shirt...

Thank you, Jesse, for being my angel today and rescuing me and my sanity from being stranded inside the house all day! I heart you!

Back then...

And now...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


(I saw on a fellow blogger's site a new year's letter with photos and monthly highlights and thought it'd be a great idea to do one of my own, since I didn't have time to do a "real" Christmas letter as I usually do! So here it is now, just a little late...)

2010 started with a hint of hope and possibilities for Nick and I, our little family of two. Little did we know what was in store as 2010 ended full of blessings and miracles, for our new family of four!


This month was all about IVF and didn’t leave much time for anything other than trips back and forth from Mayo for doctor appointments, blood tests, ultrasounds, an egg retrieval surgery, 10 fertilized embryos, and an embryo transfer! Did I forget to mention shots, shots, and more shots?

We had a lot of snow! And here's a photo to prove it.

What else is there to do when it's freezing cold? Ice skate!!


The most beautiful words we’ve ever heard occurred when Mayo called after my blood test, “You’re pregnant!” The second most beautiful words happened just 24 days later at our ultrasound when we looked and saw not one...but TWO placentas, “It’s TWINS!”

My OB appropriately labeled it "Two heads are better than one!"

This is TWINS territory!!


We traveled to Tucson, Arizona for one final relaxing vacation as just “Nick & Amy.” Wasn't as relaxing as we thought, as I could barely eat, walk, or stay awake. I also celebrated 2 years of my own business, Vincelli Designs & Decor, where I sell crafts that I make! Check it out at: www.vincellidesigns.com


Dr. Nick celebrated 1 year at Horizon Eye Care. He really enjoys it there and loves working in town. I celebrated 1 year of my online blog! It follows our infertility, pregnancy, and is now all about the twins! Nick attended the first MN Twins game ever at the new outdoor stadium, Target Field!


Nick and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary! Nick was elected President of SEMOS (South Eastern Minnesota Optometric Society)! We went on a trip to the Wisconsin Dells with the Hess family for waterpark fun and also to Madison to see "The Lion King" on stage (for the third time! Seriously - it's THAT good!).

At the end of the month, we found out Baby A was a BOY and Baby B was a BOY! Nick started planning future golf lessons for the boys and I started thinking about trading in barbies for balls and dresses for dirt!

Nick finally took me along to the new stadium for a Twins game.


Nick turns 31! I spoke at the LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League) MN South District Convention (about my experience as a Young Woman Representative to the National Convention in Oregon last year) to a crowd of over 500! Also, I was appointed to serve as a Committee on Young Women Co-Chair for the MN South District Board.

I played in the Owatonna Community Band for my 6th summer! I also serve on the Band Board.


I headed up my annual team for the “Relay for Life” in support of the American Cancer Society.

Later in the month, we broke down and traded in the Trailblazer for a Toyota Sienna. No worries, we make minivans COOL. Ours is appropriately named "Swaggerwagon."


I celebrated my 30th birthday by getting maternity photos taken by my sister, Erin! Here are just a few when I was 30 weeks pregnant.

We had a wonderful opportunity to get pampered from the “Champion’s Club” at Target Field behind home plate! I had fun making our special sign but unfortunately, we didn't get circled by Bert.

And of course we traveled to Detroit Lakes for the annual Vincelli golf vacation. I couldn't caddy for Nick like usual, so instead I sat around like a beached whale!

On, August 16th, Nick's brother, Ryan and his wife Emily had their second child, a baby boy. Our newest nephew, Max John Vincelli was welcomed into the world.


The twins were born 4 weeks early on September 13th via c-section. (On Amy's dad's birthday!!)

Elijah Kingsley Vincelli
September 13, 2010 ~ 6:21pm
5 pounds 8 ounces ~ 19 inches

Will Clarence Vincelli
September 13, 2010 ~ 6:22pm
5 pounds 3 ounces ~ 18.75 inches

A proud daddy...

A proud mommy...

Together in the same hospital bassinet.


Baby A - Elijah

Baby B - Will

Both baby's glucose levels dropped dramatically on day 3 in the hospital and we ended up staying for 5 days until they were healthy enough to go home. Here's Jesse with Elijah all hooked up to monitors in the hospital nursery. Eli weighed 4 pounds 15 ounces the day we left the hospital.

Here's Nick with Eli.

And here I am with Will. He weighed 4 pounds 11 ounces the day we left the hospital.

This is what having twins will do you to...this photo was taken when I was at just 35 weeks pregnant, a few days before the babies were born. Yes, I was big. And no, I'm not sure I could have stretched any further if I carried the babies four more weeks to full term!

I grow twins. What's YOUR superpower?

Sleeping in the pack-n-play together our first day home from the hospital. Just 6 days old...

The boys barely took up any space in their car seats!

Here they are at their first doctor's appointment. They looked a lot alike that first month!

Photo Shoot..just 13 days old...


Elijah & Will were baptized on October 3rd. Welcome to God's family precious babies! Both of our pastors at Good Shepherd each baptized a baby for this beautiful double baptism!

As you can see the babies are drowning in their outfits. We couldn't find anything small enough for them to wear as "newborn" size was even too big!

Here is the Cox Family celebrating the baptism...

And the Vincelli Family celebrating the baptism...

We took some time to cheer on the Vikings, but of course it didn't help them win. At least we were fashionable doing it!

Couldn't resist this great photo...

We borrowed costumes to take a photo of the twins for their first Halloween. They wore these all of 10 minutes!


Everywhere we go, strangers stop to talk to us and see the babies. Well, how can they resist? They are sooo adorable!!

And even more strangers just stare. But I guess we have to realize when they see this "train" coming toward them, how could they not look? They gawk and we can only imagine all the things they are thinking...

People often ask us how we feed two babies at once. Well, we get creative...


We celebrated our first Christmas as a family.

We've learned that taking embarrassing photos of the boys is fun and will serve as great blackmail photos in the future...

Sometimes you just don't want your photo taken...(Poor Eli!)

But sometimes you love it!! (Cute Will!)

It's just so hard to get that perfect photo. :)

This is a little better...
(If you notice, they are wearing the same sweaters they wore at their baptism, except now they finally fit!)

This one is pretty good too, but try to ignore Eli's pee pants...

People are always curious and want to know how the twins are doing. Well, they are fabulous...perfect and healthy in every way! Their favorites include eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping. Oh and spitting up too...they do quite a lot of that. Their newest hobbies are smiling and cooing. We are also happy to report they have seemed to grow out of the "peeing on us when we change their diapers" stage, but unfortunately they have not grown out of the "blowing out of their diapers, through their clothes, onto mommy and daddy" stage!

Nick and I are great. Extremely sleep deprived, but great nonetheless. We are so thankful and gracious for these precious miracles. Even at this exact time last year, they were still just a glimpse of hope. So we give thanks in all that one year can change! We think we've adjusted to parenthood well and are pretty sure that having one baby would just be WAY TOO EASY. :) :)

Hard to believe our teeny tiny preemies grew from this...(photo taken October 1st)

to this...in just 3 short months!!!!! (photo taken December 31st)

So that was our 2010...
As our family has doubled fast from 2 to 4, we have quickly learned that two babies are WAY MORE than twice the work, but WAY MORE than twice the blessings. We hear a lot of "You sure do have your hands full!" comments. Well...if you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts.

Elijah Kingsley

Will Clarence

We are so blessed.
We pray you believe in miracles this year and always!
Happy New Year!

Sometimes when you pray for a miracle, you get two...