Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Friday, September 10, 2010


The time has come to post the long awaited photos of the nursery! I'm excited to share these with you! The nursery for the twins is as completed as it will be, before they arrive. There are a few more personalized items I want to paint and hang up after we decide on names and they arrive! So, I'll post those later.

Nick and I had a great time bargain shopping for the best deals on cribs, etc. Nick is the ultimate researcher for everything in life! I think it's his favorite hobby! I looked a long time for a bedding crib set that I liked. And I found an amazing one, great quality, for a price less than the cheap looking ones. It pays to shop around! I just wanted to buy one crib set and therefore, got a little creative. I took the crib bumpers (they're not recommended to use in cribs for safety reasons) and used them on the outside of both cribs as bed skirts instead of the inside. The rest of the set came with the window valance, diaper holder, quilt (I hung on the wall as the main piece), and bed skirt (although we're not using that - I may make pillows or something out of it). So I just had to buy the wallpaper border to match! From there we found colors and items to match. I think it was meant to be!

It's hard to get the whole feel of the room from the photos as the room is quite small. (Especially after you fit two cribs in it!!) But we have a walk in closet off to the side in the room so that helps out tremendously! Nick and I enjoyed painting and decorating. (Although putting up the wallpaper border was an interesting experience - I'll just say we survived!) Well, maybe I enjoyed more of the decorating than Nick. :) But I'm thankful for him doing the "harder" work by putting together the cribs, dresser, shelf, etc. We make a good team.

As you can see, the room is full of wonderful gifts and goodies from so many precious family and friends in our lives. We're stocked up on clothes, toys, books, and many handmade blankets. We are so very blessed. It still seems like a dream to walk in there and see two cribs! We can't say thanks enough to all of you who have showered us with love! We are so thankful for you!