Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Monday, July 12, 2010


Week 24:
I’ve started noticing that my balance is really off. Guess it’s time for me to not attempt any crazy stunts anymore or stand on chairs (Not that I have been!). I have butter fingers and frequently drop things (Thankfully nothing has broken yet!). Every so often my spacing is off and I run into corners of tables, walls, etc. (I’m slowly regressing!) Tripping has started occurring sometimes as well. Only once has this happened in public and thank goodness I didn’t fall down. My sister told me to be careful, as in pregnancy she’s experienced her legs just suddenly giving out and she fell to the ground. CRAZY!

My gums have started bleeding a little when I floss. That kinda freaked me out at first, but I read that this is normal. Even had a bloody nose this week and that hasn’t happened during my pregnant yet.

Week 25:
This has definitely been the week of “swollenness.” My feet and ankles are just crazy! They’re hot, tight, and sore. I try to soak them in cold water when I can which really helps. Actually, it feels like my whole body is swollen. Even bracelets feel tight on my wrist. And when I look in the mirror – pretty sure my face is gaining weight too. (I’m just blaming it on water weight and not that my face is actually gaining weight!!)

Week 26:
Sleeping has become quite the event. I toss and turn and sometimes wake up for an hour at a time desperately wishing to fall back asleep. I know I’m supposed to sleep on my left side, which is best to give the babies oxygen. But when I lay on my side, my back throbs. And then when I switch from side to side - It’s hard to turn over as my legs are so sore. The muscles or ligaments (not sure which!) in my legs that I used to move my body are as sore as can be. It must be those ligaments that are stretching to get ready to give birth.

I’ve created quite the interesting setup of pillows arranged around me. Poor Nick barely has room to move. I use a full body pillow to prop under my belly and lay between my legs. Then I have a flatter pillow to prop up behind my back so I can sort of do a side/back lay all at the same time. Now I’m also going to try propping my feet up on a pillow at the bottom of the bed to try to keep my swollen feet a little more elevated to help reduce the swelling at night. And of course I have my favorite pillow for my head that I just could never live without!

Here’s a recent photo of me at 26 weeks!