Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today was a big day in the Vincelli house. Elijah and Will are 6 months old! Happy Half Birthday my little men!

We are also celebrating big time because this means that Nick and I have managed to keep two babies alive for six months. AMAZING! "Take that!" I say to those of you out there who doubted me. Oh wait, maybe it was only me doubting myself. Well, I guess this is proof enough that we're succeeding at this whole "parenthood thing." Here's to hoping we keep them alive another 6 months! :)

Here are the boys today after church...

Today was a great and special day for a big FIRST! We fed the twins their first food! They ate oatmeal cereal for the first time. They did awesome! I expected a big mess and total chaos, but it went so well. They took their first bites (Can you even call it a bite without teeth? I don't know because that cereal was so runny! It's more like a swallow.) with their engraved, initialed and dated silver spoons for their baptisms from Grandpa and Grandma Cox.

Will was leaning forward and grabbing at the spoon with his hands in his typical frantic Will fashion. And Eli just sort of went slow and took it all in holding his hands on the bumbo chair in his typical laid back Eli fashion. Overall, they seemed to catch on pretty fast. They are just like their mommy and daddy and love to eat!! :)

Getting ready for their first food!

Will is gobbling it down. "I like this mommy!"

Will says, "Yum...I could get used to this!"

Eli says, "I'm not so sure about this quite yet."

Eli is warming up to it. "This is good stuff daddy!"

Double Feedings!