Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


* I thought this was pretty funny and oh, so true!

1. You have a closet just for diapers and wipes.

2. Every where you go you are looked at like a circus clown.

3. People feel the need to ask VERY personal questions. EXAMPLES - What did you do to get twins? Are they natural? Are they identical? Were they early?

4. You use your feet as two extra hands.

5. You see people with one baby having a hard time and think, "One baby?...I laugh at your one baby!"

6. You get excited when you see a buy one get one free sign.

7. When you were pregnant, people pointed and looked at your belly, saying "WOW!"

8. Your diaper bag looks like you are going on vacation.

9. In public, people look in horror (or laugh) when your kids run in separate directions.

10. You give a blank look to the person asking what are your kids names, because you honestly can't remember, due to sleep deprivation.

11. You can't buy anything on sale because you can never find two.

12. You get mad when you see one baby in a double shopping cart.

13. You sometimes have to take a double look to figure out who is who.

14. Your biceps are as big as a man's from carrying 2 car seats around.

15. You realize to be somewhere early, you need to start getting ready 2 hours before.

16. You have the urge to smack every person who complains about being tired.

17. You have fifteen minute conversations about your multiples with complete strangers at any given store.

18. You have an incredible mental tally in your head. (who you last held, who pooed, who ate, who had Tylenol and at what time, etc.)

19. You consider it a major triumph if you shower by noon.

20. You dress your twins the same not because its cute, because its easier. (And you secretly like it when people can't tell them apart!)

21. You have learned the art of picking two babies up at a time.

22. You approach a twin mom without hesitation.

23. You imagine hurting your singleton mom friends when they mention being tired or how hard work it is with one baby.

24. You leave for a date with your hubby with your diaper bag instead of a purse.

25. You have given the evil eye to all the singleton moms in baby shops choosing their single stroller from a choice of hundreds.

26. You drop something and without hesitation pick it up with your toes.

27. You can't go out the house without being gawked at or stopped by random strangers.

28. You have a whole photo album of ultrasound photos.

29. You watch shows like "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and "Octomom" to make yourself feel better.

30. You avoiding going places because your double stroller won't fit through the doorway.