Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Friday, July 15, 2011


All I can say is, "I hope that was chocolate!" Let me explain...

I am just having one of "those" days. Nothing seems to be going right and as a result, I have turned into a mega mega crab. It's been just one thing after another all morning long. I'll spare you the details, just know it hasn't been going well. Plus it's been a dark, rainy day and that just never helps to brighten a mood.

So, it was 1pm: naptime! Alleluia, momma gets a break! I checked diapers as I always do to make sure no one is poopy before going to sleep. Eli was in the clear and Will was a stinky little dude. I changed Will quick and all was good to go. On a "normal" day (what exactly is a normal day anyway?), I lay Eli down with his pacifier and blankie (his MN twins tag blanket that I sewed!) and he's out within 5 minutes, not making a peep. (Which I am tremendously grateful for!) While Eli is falling asleep peacefully, I hold Will for about 5-10 minutes, while he squirms and fusses a bit. I then lay him down and pat his butt for another 5 minutes until he's completely asleep. (Yes, it's not ideal, but whatever, it works.)

But today, of course, isn't a typical day. They both screamed and cried. So, after running back and forth between trying to nap two babies crying in two different cribs in two different rooms for 25 minutes, I was exhausted. I just needed a break! What was going on? Is that what the twins were doing awake at 1am last night?...arranging this clever conspiracy plan to DRIVE ME CRAZY!??! Well, apparently their plan worked, because I was about to lose it! They are little baby geniuses, I tell ya!

As I emerged triumphantly from the nursery after finally getting Eli asleep, I decided I needed a reward. A good one. And by reward I mean food because it's what makes me most happy. Thankfully a Hershey's bar magically appeared in the cupboard under piles of opened crackers and other junk as I frantically searched looking for that special something to make me feel better.

I sat down to eat my chocolate in peace with complete silence. I savored every moment. That chocolatey goodness just hit the spot! But it was gone all too fast and my break time was over. As I got up and walked to go clean up from lunch, I licked a piece of melted chocolate off my thumb. Just then it hit me...I forgot to wash my hands after changing Will's diaper!! A sick feeling engulfed my stomach and I thought to myself, "I hope that was chocolate!"

Yes, they look so sweet and innocent here. But don't let that fool you! Here they are eating a quick cracker snack...my sneaky diversion technique try to calm them down and keep them busy for a few minutes!

Will and Eli watch the rain outside the patio doors this morning as the river forms in our backyard.

P.S. Oh, and just so you know, it WAS.......chocolate. Whew!