Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi everyone!

This is Will! Mommy said it's my turn to do a blog post. Yippee! Eli and I turned 19 months old today on Friday, the 13th. Pretty cool, huh? There are actually 3 Friday the 13th's this year! January, April, and July...all 13 weeks apart. Is anyone freaked out yet? It doesn't scare us at all! We're tough little guys.

Mommy wanted me to tell you that she's so sorry she hasn't been blogging much. Life has been super busy...even more busy than usual. She started a part time job at McKinley Elementary School. Then we went on vacation to Sanibel Island for 9 days. We had such an amazing time! It's so beautiful there. We swam in the pool and went to the beach every day. Mommy said she'll do some blog posts on our trip sometime soon and post some pics. She took about 1600 photos though. So, I'm not sure how she's going to narrow down which few to post! Whew!! That makes me tired just thinking about it all.

So mommy now works in the mornings and only on school days. That means she has the entire summer off. Eli and I go to daycare at our friend, Lisa's house, Monday through Thursday. She is so fun. We just love her so much. She always has so many fun and educational things planned for us each day. We've learned a lot there! Then on Friday's, daddy takes care of us in the mornings! It's been a good fit for all of us. And mommy is glad to have a little break from us and get some adult interaction again. We are happy for her! And since we don't nap long in the afternoons, we still get to spend plenty of time with her everyday.

We got back from Florida at 11pm the night before Easter morning. The Easter Bunny was so good to us. We were excited to find balls in our baskets.

One of my favorite things is when daddy lifts me up in the air like this. I just laugh and laugh and laugh.

A close-up of me in the air!

Here's Elijah in the bath tub tonight. He's squeaky clean.

And here I am. Such a handsome fellow, don't ya think?

Here we are on Monday. Mommy said we were so smiley that she had to take our pic before we went to daycare! Our shirts say "double trouble" but it's not true at all!

We love to color. Looks like we are concentrating pretty hard! Grandma Cox sent us beach coloring sheets. She said it reminded her of Sanibel. We all miss it there and want to go back again someday!

Well, that's about it for now. Mommy said I can do some more blog posts again soon. But she said it's Elijah's turn next. Oh, the life of being a twin...always having to share and take turns. :)