Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, June 4, 2009


My first IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) was anything but normal. In fact, I would say, it went horribly horribly bad. It’s supposed to be a quick, easy, painless procedure. But apparently, my cervix wasn’t opening correctly so the doctor had a hard time getting the catheter passed through. It lasted a long time when it’s only supposed to last less than 30 seconds. He finally got it through, but I started having the most intense cramps I’ve ever experienced.

Now I must tell you that throughout my life, it is common for me to experience horrible menstrual cramps every month, especially on the first day of my cycle. The pain can become so intense that I vomit. In high school, I would miss school and sometimes in my adult life, it caused me to miss work. I’m used to it, and yes, it totally sucks, but I deal with knowing that if I can just take enough drugs and fall asleep, I can hopefully get through the worst of the pain. I’ve always thought that since I’ve had to deal with this every month, maybe, just maybe that means that when it comes time to deliver a baby – that little bugger will just pop right out, as simple as that!

After the IUI, you are required to lay there for 15 minutes or so. As I was experiencing these horrible cramps, I compared it to combining the worst 5 months of cramps I’ve ever had, putting them all together, and giving me that pain all at the same time. I thought my uterus may just explode right then and there. I ended up vomiting 3 times. (A beautiful mix of my breakfast of orange juice and a banana. Yuck!) Now keep in mind that vomiting is extra difficult to do when you need to stay laying on your back. I started becoming extremely hot and sweaty. My vision started getting fuzzy and I also started shaking. I thought something was seriously wrong and that this just might be the end for me. As ridiculous as that sounds, it was true. I knew something was wrong and I was fearful. The doctor came back in to check on me. My heart rate was really low and he explained that I was experiencing a Vasovagal Response. It’s the central mechanism leading to the loss of consciousness. There are many different things that trigger this, but in my case it was a result from experiencing intense pain from the cramps.

Naturally, after this was over, I thought to myself, hey, this pain is worth it and it must mean that this HAS to be THE TIME WE GET PREGNANT. But, of course 2 weeks later, here comes the heartbreaking moment when I get my period. Defeated once again…frustrated once again…angry once again…

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