Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, May 14, 2009


My ultimate prayer and hope is that by reading this, you can apply it to some aspect of your life. I pray that God can use it to help many others who are still on their way. Whatever your cross is to bear, whether you’ve had it, are currently going through it, or will in the future, please remember you’re not alone. Just keep moving forward.

I started writing because something inside my heart was urging me to share. I have a desire and hope that my story will inspire and help others on theirs. There’s nothing I want in return, I’m writing this simply because I have something to give. I’m giving my story of pain, grief, fear, and frustration. And I’m giving my story of happiness, trust, hope, and love.

Overall, I am sharing my story to help those going through infertility to know that, number 1: they’re not crazy. And number 2: they’re not alone. Because oftentimes, I did feel both very crazy and very alone. Even though neither of them were true.

I also hope my story will support and encourage family and friends of those who are going through infertility, so they know how to respond and react. So maybe, just maybe, they can understand and appreciate a little of what this struggle all entails.

Also, I’m writing this because I don’t ever want to forget our story of infertility – no matter what happen or how this story ends. It’s changed me, it’s strengthened me, it’s become a huge part of me that - believe it or not – I wouldn’t take it back at all. I hope my story can help and uplift anyone - not just those going through infertility – but anyone who’s going through anything difficult. May we always remember that God has a plan, which is sometimes bigger than the plans we have for ourselves.

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