Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I stopped the birth control pills on January 1st and got my period on January 5th. Today is the “down regulation check,” which is an ultrasound and a blood test to check ovarian suppression. (“Ultrasound” sounds like fun, but of course these are vaginal ultrasounds, so it’s a not as enjoyable if you know what I mean!)

So, I braved the snow, wind, and icy roads by myself to get to Mayo this morning for an ultrasound and blood test. My ultrasound showed a few cysts, which is weird since that's one of the reasons they put you on birth control (it's supposed to help so you don't get any.) The ultrasound nurse asked me, "Do you have a history of endometriosis?" I thought to myself, "Oh no, this doesn't sound good." I said no and asked why. And then she said I had a cyst. I know if you have a cyst it could rupture and of course that's not good. (I've had cysts multiple times in the past and when that occurs you have to stop the medications and wait until it clears the next month or 2.) I met with a nurse quick and she told me the doctors would meet up at noon to discuss the ultrasound with my blood test results. If the cysts were too big, we'd have to wait it out and try again next month. I had to wait until 3pm to call the "lab talk" line, where they leave you messages. And yes - great news - they said it is still a go. The blood results were good, cysts were small and they're not worried at all. So, tomorrow starts the next phase – stimulation! More drugs = more side effects! Oh joy!

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