Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Even though yesterday I wanted to fast forward the time, today I feel like stopping it. Do I really want to know? What if it’s the news I so desperately do not want to hear? Driving home from Mayo after my blood test this morning was torturous. All I could think was that someone there most likely already knew if I was pregnant or not. And I had to still wait at least 4 more hours until we found out.

Nick had the afternoon off from work. So we tried to keep occupied until 2pm, when we could call the Lab Talk Hotline for our results. We only lasted until about 1pm before we started calling. The first time we called, my hands were shaking so bad, I could barely punch in the numbers on my cell phone. Then I punched “send” instead of the “pound” key so I had to start all over again. My chest was pounding and then calmed down after it said, “no messages.” We actually called 5 more times after that. And ever single time it said, “no messages.”

By 2:15pm, we were so anxious and wondered why there wasn’t a message yet. Finally at 2:20pm, my cell rang and it was the outgoing Mayo phone number. AHHH! This is it!! As I answered and heard a familiar voice, I didn’t know what to feel. It was my sister’s friend, who is a nurse in the infertility department. (I had thought perhaps she would be the one to leave a message, not knowing if that would be good because she’d want to be the one to tell us the wonderful news or bad, because she wanted to be the one to tell us the sad news.) She asked how I was doing and I said, “I’m freaking out.” She then asked, “Are you sitting down?” I replied yes and she proceeded to say the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard…”You’re pregnant.” I started crying…and then laughing…and then crying again. Nick was sitting next to me, listening and as I looked over I saw the matching tears in his eyes. We couldn’t believe it. We are going to have a baby!

The first thing I did after hanging up the phone was run to the bathroom to take a home pregnancy test. Those two pink lines were the most beautiful lines I’ve ever seen. Would I be a weirdo if I just carried this pee stick in my purse or pocket until the baby comes? Of course I know the answer to that, so I won’t do it. (But I did contemplate it.) I made a compromise and it’s sitting on the island in the kitchen where I can walk past and gawk at it many times a day!

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