Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Friday, July 30, 2010


We had another check-up today to hear the heartbeats and for me to get measured. I think I mentioned this before, but we start going to my OB every 2 weeks now, with an ultrasound every other time. I’m excited to see the boys more often. I wish I could do an ultrasound everyday. :) But no ultrasound today…next time!

It was another great appointment. Getting weighed isn’t getting much easier, but I know that means the babies are healthy. I’ve gained 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. That puts me up to 28 pounds gained so far in this pregnancy of 29 weeks. Their heartbeats were good and strong, in the 140’s as usual. My fundal height is measuring 38.5 inches, which means - 38.5 weeks. This means that I am now officially bigger than full term for a singleton pregnancy. (A woman who is 40 weeks pregnant with a single baby usually measures at 36 weeks.) What does this mean? Well, I can’t get much bigger in that direction, but I’ll start spreading to the sides. And everyone tells me that I don’t look pregnant from the back. Which is true – my babies bump is all in the front and nothing on the sides. So will I loose that? We shall see!

So, here I am at 29 weeks with 11 weeks to go. And I’m experiencing everything a full term woman with a single baby is feeling. This pretty much means I have 11 weeks left of feeling “full term.” HOLY COW!!! It’s sort of like I skipped my whole 2nd trimester, going straight from the 1st to the 3rd. And the 3rd is lasting 6 months, instead of 3. Everyone told me their 2nd trimester was great and they felt wonderful with so much energy. Ha…I WISH!

Good thing I haven’t experienced a previous singleton pregnancy, or else I may be freaking out. Cause this just feels “normal” to me, as I don’t have anything else personally to compare it to. Does this mean if I have a future singleton pregnancy, it’s gonna seem so easy? Ha…who knows?!

My doctor confirmed that this is in fact true. (That I am feeling at this point what someone feels in their last weeks of pregnancy.) I then asked him if it was acceptable to tell others fact that, hoping they’d give me lots of sympathy. He said I can sure try, but it probably won’t work! And he said once the babies come, it for sure won’t be about me anymore. Everyone will just care for the babies. Thus, he told me to milk it for all it’s worth now!

So, if I complain to get a little sympathy, please give it to me. HA! Just don’t say what my older sister always tells me, “It’s only going to get worse!” And I assure her that payback is a $*%&@! (wink, wink)

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