Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Every year in August we make the trip up to Detroit Lakes, MN for the annual Vincelli Golf Vacation. Most of the Vincelli's gather each year and with the next generation of new little kiddos, next year there will be about 30 of us! The men play in a week long golf tournament, the "Pine to Palm" at Detroit Lakes Country Club. Needless to say, if you have any Vincelli blood, you are a golfer. But I've learned there's actually really no choice in the matter. Even if your last name is Vincelli and have no blood relation (like me) you still need to golf or at least seem interested in it. :) In fact, one of my first gifts from Nick's dad was a set of golf clubs he collected for me from various sets. That's when I knew it was serious...

Nick's family has been going for over 35 years. It's tradition and I would imagine Elijah and Will will be playing in the tournament in 15 short years when they turn 16. Short years...ha, yeah right! And like I said, there's no choice, they'll just be golfers. But I must mention there will be no pressure from me!

This trip usually falls right on my birthday, which has it's pros and cons. It's great because I'm on vacation, but that also means Nick's usually off golfing. This year I invited my sister, Corrie, to come with for a few days to help out with the babies.

We met the most adorable twin girls who were vacationing at the Lodge the same week we were. Charlotte and Juliette are 10 years old and live in New York. They are such beautiful, sweet, and fun girls. Elijah and Will had such a fun time playing with them. They were so polite and helpful. It was like we had our own little babysitters to help keep the boys happy and occupied! We have since kept in touch and both sets of twins are now penpals. It is the cutest thing ever!

Here are a couple of the girl twins with the boy twins!

Here are a few photos to sum our trip up! Enjoy!

(Of course we realized after that we never took a family photo of all the Vincelli family together. We also didn't really get many photos at all of the Vincelli clan. Not sure how that could happen for being there 7 days, but I guess it did! )

We stopped for a quick picnic on the drive to Detroit Lakes...

Elijah had fun on the swings...

And Will did too!

Lovin' those little hotel room cribs!


Watching daddy golf!

Playing with second cousins, Tessa and Nolan

We take so many photos of the babies, we forgot to take photos of just Nick and I together! But look we actually took one! So in love...

On a walk by the lake...

Snack time outside...

Mommy & Elijah...

Stroller Ride

Auntie Corrie with the boys...

Elijah sleeping...

Poor Will was stuck sleeping in the bathroom!

Eli and Will's first time at Zorbaz. Awesome pizza!

We love our walks!

Playing with cousin, Owen and second cousin, Nolan

Tickle Party

Relaxing outside

Daddy & Will on the beach

Daddy & Elijah swimming in the pool

Will & Auntie Corrie in the pool

Handsome Will

Seriously, I deserve the BEST CADDY AWARD for carrying Nick's clubs and his kids.
(Okay so this photo may or may not have been staged!)

My little family

The Three Musketeers: cousins Will, Eli, and Max

Having a glass of wine relaxing by the lake on our last night!

What? Another photo of Amy & Nick. That makes 2 for this trip! Amazing! (The boys were peacefully sleeping!)

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