Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Thursday, October 13, 2011


No, Eli doesn't have a redneck smile, there are cheerios in his mouth! This was keeping them entertained for a few minutes, so we were all happy. And yes, I let them eat off the floor. (If you would have told me even 6 months ago that I'd eventually let the babies eat off our floor, I wouldn't have believed you.) I've entered a whole new stage of mommyhood! :) Yippee for me.

Happy 13 Months, Will & Elijah!

How much longer am I allowed to call you my babies? I know people say once you are one year old you become a toddler. But I don't believe it. You are still my babies! I consider 18 months to be a toddler, so I still have 5 more months of babies...

Although I must admit, I'm really enjoying watching you become little people and saying goodbye to the "baby stage"! I am really looking forward to your toddlerhood even though everyone tells me not too because you'll be running in opposite directions and talking back. (But I don't think they understand that I am not really a "baby person" at all.) But I love you BABIES both with all my heart and I will probably always want to call you just that...my babies. I mean, is it really as cute to say, "Hi toddlers!" instead of "Hi babies!"?? I don't think so! :)

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