Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yesterday the boys and I went outside for a walk...in 52 degree weather...on January 10th...with no snow in Minnesota. (Well, except for the little bit of snow you can see by the curb in the first photo!)

In case you aren't familiar with a Minnesota winter, this is unusual.

Extremely unusual.

In fact, I believe it was around Thanksgiving where we went out for a walk and I remember saying, "This will be our last walk outside until probably April!" Then we found ourselves out for a walk on Christmas Day! And I was for sure that was the last until April. But nope, I was wrong again!

On a walk over to Uncle Barry and Auntie Jesse's house

Once we got there, we decided to play outside. It was really the first time the boys have been able to play outside in the grass since they both have become full time walkers. They had a blast running around, falling down, and giggling like crazy. I finally got the chance to experience what people have warned me about. I now know what it's like to have two toddlers running in opposite directions. WOW! But their cousin, Cora, did a great job of helping me keep track of them and catching them before they tried to crash onto the cement or off the curb!

Playing with Cora

Emma was outside too!

Soon, all the neighbor girls were out to play with us!

Elijah enjoying the swings being pushed by all the girls!

Will enjoying the swing and his chance with the girls!

Here's a photo of our house on January 10th, 2012. No snow.

This is more like what our house normally looks like in Jan/Feb!

Our house. February 13, 2010

Once again, this is just CRAZY!

The boys playing with my sister's neighbor's dog, Baxter!

Here's a video of the twins playing outside with Baxter. They LOVE dogs and aren't scared of any, no matter the size. How cute!! I could never get enough of those little boy giggles.

I must mention that of course today it was 20 degrees, windy, and snowing.

Gotta love Minnesota!!

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