Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I think we may need a new discipline technique.

If the boys misbehave badly (most often as a result from biting each other), we set them in the corner for a one minute time out. We say very sternly, "no bite" and say "that hurts your brother." Usually Eli whimpers and cries. And usually Will either has no expression or just smiles.

(I'm working on trying to look and sound much more scary! I need them to fear me, I tell ya. All my dad had to do was point his index finger at us when we were kids and we froze. Ahh, I hope to have that power someday!!)

Okay, back to the story:

Last week, Will bit Elijah on the foot, smiled and laughed, then walked over and sat himself down in the corner. He looked so proud.

That little turd gave himself a time-out! It was like he had it all planned out!

But to make it even worse (or more funny actually), Elijah walked over and joined Will in the time-out. This is the point where of course, as good parents, we got the camera to take photos. :)

Will finally got up, then Elijah sat down and gave himself a time-out for no reason. I guess it looked like fun.

As you can see, Will wanted another time out and was trying to push his way back in.

Like I said, I think we may need a new discipline technique.


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