Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Sunday, April 29, 2012


There are many people who are aching for a baby in many different ways and in many different seasons of life. This week I hold close in my heart four beautiful women. One who recently saw her baby via ultrasound from her surrogate, one who is taking a break from her infertility journey after an IVF cycle followed by a miscarriage, one who is suffering from secondary infertility and another who suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy.

Dear God,

Please be with my friend, Heidi, as she is so overjoyed with seeing her precious baby just a few days ago on ultrasound from her surrogate. This is an amazing time in her life even while she is still morning the loss of her baby twins last summer. Through all of her emotions and cautions, keep her calm and trusting in this journey. Thank you for the amazing surrogate who is giving Heidi and her husband such an amazing gift. A gift like no other. Surrogates are angels here on earth. We give thanks and praise for her amazing selflessness.

Also, please be with my friend, Melanie, as she is searching for what path to take next. She so desperately longs for a baby. It's been a long road for her with many disappointments, especially after this last IVF followed by a miscarriage. There is also a lot of stress for her involving funds in order to pay for the expensive treatments. Heal her broken heart while giving her the courage and strength to keep going forward knowing that someday she will be a mother.

Secondary infertility is another interesting mystery. Some women have children easily, but then when they go to have another, they are unable to become pregnant. Be with "S" as month after month passes with no positive pregnancy test. Heal her heart, keep her strong, and give her hope to trust in the future.

And finally prayers for my dear loved one who has lost her baby in an early miscarriage in her first pregnancy. Another precious angel baby has gone to heaven. God, you two know what it is like to lose a child. Please give this mommy-to-be comfort and faith in your plan for her family. Give her peace to know that you are holding her precious baby close until they will one day be reunited together in heaven.

Hold these women and their husbands close, give them comfort and peace to know they are not alone. For you catch every tear in the palm of your hand and know the true desires of their hearts. Each of these couples do not know what the future holds, but they know who holds the future.


I came across a great post from last week's, "National Infertility Awareness Week." I wanted to share this expert from this blog, "No Foot Is Too Small." Click No Foot Is Too Small to see the entire post.

It was so beautifully written and this paragraph just warmed my heart. After reading it, I sobbed. So many emotions came flooding back. I've always said, "I have infertility, but it doesn't have me." She is right, I do truly appreciate myself and my beautiful family. Infertility changed me for the better. I am STRONG and I earned it!

"Don’t ignore your own feelings of hopelessness and sorrow through this journey. While no sane person enjoys being sad, it is necessary to understand that you have a disease just as other women who suffer from other debilitating illnesses. Emotionally, mentally, and physically you have felt the wrath of one of the most unfair and unfortunate situations any woman can imagine. Let your beautiful soul heal in whatever way is necessary, so that one day when that miracle of life is given to you, you can look at your new life with a deep and undying appreciation for yourself and your new family. I am proud of my scars both internally and externally, because they are the accessories to my life story and proof that I have earned my incredible strength."

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