Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Sunday, August 30, 2009

EMPTY WOMB by Lisa Trzepacz

"Empty Womb" by Lisa Trzepacz

Only You, sweet Lord, have known my despair
Of the weight on the heart lying there
This ache so great, tears cannot ease
The cries, the hopes, the dreams, the pleas

You know the pain of the empty womb
The place no babe has ever called home
No miracle of life growing from within
Perhaps one day, O Lord, but when?

And when I think I can take no more
My heart in pieces on the floor
You gently take me by the hand
And say so softly, I do understand

You whisper I love you, you are My own
Come to Me for peace you have not known
I am the Way, the Truth, the Life
I promise to make your burden light

Let Me rock you gently in My arms
Let me hold you tight, keep you from harm
Oh, come to me, your cries I have heard!
I will give you refuge, I pledge my Word

Leave it with Me, I'll do the rest
For only I know how to give the best
For you see, you've heard a special callin'
Don't think for a moment, it's because you've fallen

You know you are My very own
And in you, a special seed has been sown
This seed is different and it must know
Tears of brokenness and pain to help it grow

The rain and the sun alone on this earth
Do not give this seed its unique worth
Only the Gardener's perfect plan
Can make fruit from a seed for a barren land

A land that is in dire need
Of just one little unique seed
A seed that will sprout and spread His love
A bountiful harvest to gather above

Yes, Lord, I see my vision is narrow
How quickly forgotten, your eye on the sparrow
The lilies clothed of the field
Cover me O, Lord, my will I do yield

Enough of this battle, the parties of pity
There's work to be done, in every city
This work You've started has just begun
'Cause the hardest battle has just been won!

Yes, O Lord, hold tight to my hand
Please guide me, lead me, help me understand
I'll trust in You and Your intricate plan
With You I can make it. Oh yes! I can!

I thank You Lord for my unique seed
To be loved by You, is enough indeed!
You've taught me a lesson I needed to face
That it is only You that can fill this space

You've given me the chances to become
A little help to any and everyone
Such a filling of love that my cup runneth over
And to be seen as a friend in the eyes of another

Let me give rest to the harried mother
For me it's a joy, never a bother
Many are those you've brought to me
To hold in my arms so tenderly

There are times by arms cannot hold
All the children you've brought me from your fold
Little ones here, little ones there
O Lord, you've shown me how much You do care!

We belong to You and not each other
And in Your eyes, we can all be a mother
A mother who loves and listens and cares
And in those three things, we all surely share

Thank you Lord for giving to me
This peace, this oasis, this tranquility
Truly in the midst of a storm
You've held me tight and kept me from harm

Now my soul does sweetly sing
Praise the Highest! Praise to the King!
O mighty and glorious is His name!
I truly will never be the same.

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