Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I’ve prayed a lot. But I know I haven’t prayed enough. I want to spend more time talking to God! And praying is simply that - talking to God. There aren’t any right or wrong words. All God requires is a simple faith and a sincere heart. Be honest. Pour your heart out. He understands, he listens, and he cares. Don’t be afraid to ask God for exactly what you want. But remember to pray that His will be done, not yours.

God answers every prayer with one of three answers:

I saw this poem in a book and loved it!! It explains God’s answers to prayers in a wonderful way.

When the answer is “Yes,”
Watch for a blessing coming today.
When the answer is “No,”
Trust him for a better way.
When the answer if “Wait,”
Be patient and continue to pray.

On a “Prayer Card” at my church it explains how to remember what to pray for. When praying, remember “ACTS.”

A is for adoration. (Praise God for all the awesome things He does, His creation, His love)
C is for confession. (Confess your sins. The ones you readily know and the ones you’re not aware of. And also the times you fail to do what is right.)
T is for thanksgiving. (Thank God for His blessings to you!)
S is for supplication. (Ask, request, and plead to God for those things you need or desire; physical, emotional, or spiritual.)

Pray in Jesus’ name and that thy will be done. Remember that God’s answers to our prayers may not be answered exactly when or how we want. He does things in His way and in His time. But we can be assured that He is always listening and always hears us.

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