Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I’ve done a lot of daydreaming during these years of infertility. But for the first time…today…I am dreaming of these “pregnancy” events knowing that they will for sure happen! What an incredible feeling, that I didn’t know if I would ever be able to experience.

So, today, I’m dreaming of…nope, not dreaming, this is for real now! – I’m looking forward to these special happenings of pregnancy…

Telling all my family and friends
Hearing the baby’s heartbeat
Seeing the baby on an ultrasound
Feeling the baby kick
Shopping for maternity clothes
Searching for baby names
Researching baby products
Painting the nursery
Decorating the nursery
Making crafts for the nursery
Buying diapers

Today I did a few things that meant a lot to me…a few things I’ve been waiting for years to do…

I pulled out the diaper bag hidden under my bed that I purchased last year and put it around my shoulder. I took a pre-natal vitamin for the FIRST TIME EVER knowing FOR SURE that I was pregnant. I signed up for a free baby magazine.
I pulled out the pregnancy books I’ve bought at rummage sales. I flipped through a baby name book. I smiled and laughed at the “expectant mother” parking space at HyVee for the first time (usually I just glared at them.) I walked through the baby aisle at Target with a whole different feeling than ever before. I imagined someone calling me, “Mom.”

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