Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Monday, February 22, 2010


Before our Egg Retrieval, we made arrangements to do embryo cyropreservation. Mayo’s IVF laboratory is a “leader” in this, which is the freezing of embryos. Embryos are the when the egg and sperm are together. It’s then later referred to as the fetus. The reason you freeze the embryos is so that you already have those ready for future IVF’s. For example, if we do IVF again in the future, we simply do the “EMBRYO TRANSFER” and I don’t have to go through the “EGG RETRIEVAL” again…which is what most of the medications are required for. So, a future IVF wouldn’t be as invasive and drug filled! Mayo will keep our embryos for 3 months, then they get shipped up to the cities to be cryopreserved. We pay for storage, so it’s like an embryo daycare!

Since we have these embryos, you have to decide and sign ahead of time as to what they will do with the embryos if you get divorced, one of us dies, or both of us die. That was weird to think about – sort of like a will for your embryos!

Interesting to think we still have 8 frozen babies waiting for us in frozen embryo daycare…

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