Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight begins the progesterone shots in my butt. (Nice visual, huh!?) These are the long needles that are intramuscular. Two days of a half dose of 25mg and then after 50 mg for the rest of the injections. This progesterone is a thick oil, so you can feel it going in! I guess it'll be sore and feel like the pain of a bruise. So, we'll see how they go! Jesse will have to teach Nick to give the shots because we'll be outta town next week.

The rationale behind the supplemental progesterone is that following egg collection, ovarian hormone production may be impaired because many of the hormone-producing cells are removed at the time of follicle aspiration. In addition, the use of medications, such as Lupron that I took, may diminish ovarian steroid production following egg collection. So, basically - you take progesterone to keep the uterine lining healthy for good implantation. It keeps your uterus healthy and hospitable! If we're pregnant, we’ll end up taking this for a total of 10 weeks.

Your body naturally produces progesterone. Getting a steady stream of progesterone during pregnancy is vital for these reasons:
1. Makes the uterine lining develop and secrete fluids after being primed by estrogen.
2. Maintains the functions of the placenta and fights off unwanted cells near the womb that could cause damage to the placenta or fetus.
3. Keeps the uterine lining in a thickened condition.
4. Stops the uterus making spontaneous movements.
5. Stimulates the growth of breast tissue.
6. Prevents lactation until after the birth (with estrogen).
7. Strengthens the mucus plug covering the cervix to prevent infection.
8. Strengthens the pelvic walls in preparation for labor.
9. Stops the uterus from contracting thus keeping the baby where it is.

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