Our precious boys...

Our precious boys...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I’ve accepted that IVF is our path and I am forever grateful because of it. Who would have thought I’d ever say it, but I truthfully feel blessed that I got to experience it this way. It’s absolutely amazing to think these precious babies were grown outside my body and then put back in. And to have the amazing experience to watch those 2 embryos being put back into me on ultrasound during our Embryo Transfer – absolutely breathtaking. Who gets to see their babies that early on? Not many at all!

We have been doubly blessed with twins. We couldn’t be happier and pray that these little babes grow strong and healthy throughout this entire pregnancy. There’s no doubt that we know we have more than enough love to share with both of our little miracles. And we know that for our children, we’d do this entire process all over again.

We have been blessed throughout this entire journey. A few people have mentioned to us after our pregnancy announcement, “Your prayers have finally been answered.” But that’s not entirely all true. Yes, our prayers have been answered, but they have always been answered the entire time. It’s just that this time, it has just been answered in the way we had hoped for, for so long. God has always answered our prayers with a “no,” “yes,” or “wait.” We’ve waited for many years and know God has been with us every step of the way.

Last Christmas, one of our pastor’s wives, Sue, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s an amazing woman and even amongst this trial, she is positive and uplifting. In one of Pastor’s sermons, he spoke of one of Sue’s favorite bibles verses in the book of Revelation, that speaks of “patient endurance.” I’ve really been inspired by this thought of patient endurance. I want to be patient and trusting and to keep moving forward, little by little. I have always hoped and prayed that I would reach a sense of peace and acceptance no matter where our infertility journey would take us. I now know that I want to use our infertility to help others. I know it’s made me even more aware and compassionate of others’ losses and hurts, in every aspect and walk of life.

With my infertility journey and my beautiful double blessings, I want to encourage and inspire others along their journeys. It’s made all the difference to know and trust that my journey is in God’s hands. I hope you know that yours is as well…

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