Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The babies are moving around tremendously. I've felt their movements since around week 22, I believe it was. But they have consistently just become stronger and stronger! At times, the movements I feel do not stop for minutes. They just keep moving and moving. And it comes from both sides. I call them “dueling babies.” Not that I think they're fighting....but that they’re playing! You can see my stomach moving all over from the outside. Oftentimes it feels like they’re rolling around back and forth across my entire belly. Then at times, it’s just a giant poke and then I poke back and we go back and forth.

Whenever Nick puts his hand on my stomach, the boys move. I think they know when someone, especially Nick, is there on the outside. And if he talks to them, I’d say about 80% of the time, they start moving around. It’s so precious! The babies always seem to move when my niece, Ava, puts her hand on my stomach as well. They love her!

Sometimes these movements truly take my breath away. I sort of gasp for air when they move fast and hard. I even wake up at night and jump, when they kick so hard! It’s such an amazing feeling that I’m going to miss after they are out in the real world. Nick joked that they are trying to perform a “reverse c-section” by clawing with their nails from the inside….and that’s what I’m feeling and they’re trying to get out. Now that’s a pleasant thought! SCARY! AHH!!

I was recently talking with someone about when babies have hiccups while you are pregnant. I didn’t think I had ever felt that and thought it’d be a neat experience to feel. Then tonight, I think it happened for the first time. My entire belly would shake, consistently for a few minutes. It sure felt like what hiccups from inside the baby would most likely feel like. Amazing!!

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