Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've never really believed in jinxes. But some recent occurrences now have me starting to wonder...

A jinx, in popular superstition and folklore, is: A type of curse placed on a person that makes them prey to many minor misfortunes and other forms of bad luck.

I'm not a believer in luck, whether it's good luck or bad luck. I truly believe our good fortunes come from God. And they are BLESSINGS, with no luck involved. And bad things just happen simply because bad things happen.

The superstition of a "jinx" can also be referenced when talking about a future event with too much confidence. A statement such as "We're sure to win the contest!" can be seen as a jinx because it tempts fate, thereby bringing bad luck. The event itself is referred to as "jinxed". A dramatic historical example of this type of jinxing is the Titanic which was said to be unsinkable, then sunk on its maiden voyage.

I personally remember saying "JINX!" as a child, as it's also a common slang term used when two people say the same thing at the same time.

I've experienced three events just in this last week where I think I may have jinxed myself. But in my defense, it's not my fault at all. Other people have brought it upon me by asking. And I find it perfectly alright to blame them. HA! I say this because everything I have said is in response to questions they've asked. I was never bragging about these things. Okay...well, maybe a little...

The following are my 3 examples:

#1. While I was getting the babies weighed, (as I do weekly at the free "Amazing Newborn Clinic" here in town) someone asked me, after seeing one of the twins spit up, "Do they spit up a lot?" I responded, "They used too. But they've been doing great lately, not spitting up much at all."

JINX!! Within the next few hours, they spit up like CRAZY. And it's kept up this whole last week...

#2. While at a "Baby & Me" class I attend once a week, the babies started falling asleep in their car seats as I was packing them up to leave. One of the teachers asked, "Will they transfer well from their carseats to their cribs to finish their naps when you get home?" I responded, "Yes, they do awesome and stay asleep while I move them into their cribs."

JINX!! When I got them home, still asleep in their carseats, they BOTH woke up screaming when I tried to put them into their cribs. Eli finally ended up taking a short nap, but Will was awake the rest of the entire afternoon until he passed out shortly after 6:30pm. (He was awake for 7.5 hours straight!) They really do transfer asleep in their carseats to their cribs really well on a normal day. Although, today it was because they were already overtired from staying awake through the whole class, which is during their normal nap time. (They usually aren't awake for more than 2 hours at time.) It ended up being one of my worst days ever with the twins...

#3. I went for a walk outside (the first one this year!) with the babies and one of my friends, Lindsay and her son. We were talking about all of the babies napping and sleeping schedules. We both shared what our babies were up to. I mentioned how the last 4 nights have been awesome because we haven't had to get up with the twins, other than their one "middle of the night" feeding. (Usually we have to get up a few different times to put their pacifiers back in or calm them for a bit.) In fact, I even explained to Lindsay right after we talked about it, that I was probably jinxing myself. And I explained the same things in #1 and #2 previously mentioned and how I was jinxed.

JINX!! Apparently explaining that you may have just jinxed yourself immediately after saying that something that you think might get jinxed, doesn't keep it from happening!! (Wow, that sentence is a handful!) Because..last night wasn't the best. The babies woke up earlier than usual to eat around 1:30am. And then they were both wide awake at 5:30am. Usually they sleep until after 8am! We had to get up with them a few different times to calm them.

So, apparently I have tempted fate, and my bad luck is appearing. just must be coincidence, right? Good thing I don't really believe in jinxes...for now anyway...

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