Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Monday, June 13, 2011


That's right. Eli and Will are 9 months old! I can barely believe it myself! The days go by so slowly, but oh my the months are passing right on by. Funny how that works. The days sure are getting more and more exciting. I love being able to experience and watch how much they learn and change every day!

Eli says, "Did you hear mommy say that we're nine months old today?"
Will replies, "You have got to be kidding me!"

Eli now weighs 19 pounds 4 ounces and Will weighs 19 pounds 13 ounces. So you can imagine that it is becoming more and more difficult to carry them around in their infant car seats. My muscles can handle it (oh yes, I am buff! HA!), but I'm afraid my back cannot. (Hard to believe I used to be able to both boys each in their car seats at the same time, one in each hand!) Since the boys can only be in the infant seats until 22 pounds and we recently purchased their next car seats while they were on sale, we decided to give the convertible car seats a try! The first time we put them in the new seats in the van, they cried. We tried it again yesterday and they cried less. I'm hoping the crying will stop during the next try to two.

I had a "mommy moment" as I went to move the infant car seats out of the corner in the dining room where we keep them stacked on top of each other for easy access to strap the boys in. I was so excited to get more clutter out of the way and to get rid of those. (Hopefully we can sell them. Anyone out there interested in purchasing 2 infant car seats, 4 bases, and 2 double strollers? If so, let me know!)

When I went to move them, I just stood there and stared at them. I couldn't move them. And they are still sitting there as I type this. I later was telling Nick about it and started crying. I still don't know why that pulled at my heartstrings so! I haven't had that feeling putting away their tiny clothes or other items they've outgrown. So...why the carseats? I may never know. But all I know for now is that I'm leaving them there. Perhaps they'll still be there sitting in the corner for everyone to see at the high school graduation open house!

Here they are trying out the seats in the house. We thought this might help them get a little more used to it before putting them in the van.

Another fun first:
Eli & Will had their first bath together last night. Oh my they had a blast. I can see that bathroom is going to be a fun time in the Vincelli house!


  1. Oh... If I knew twins were in our future, I'd buy those car seats from you.... I know you probably took good care of them.

  2. I had a dream the other night that Kimber and Mike were pregnant with twins... :) Your boys look GREAT, Amy! Look forward to seeing them (and you!) next month! And I totally feel you with the Mommy Moments. They sneak up on you, and they're bittersweet--and I guess that's all part of watching them grow (as we cry, and laugh!). All best!