Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Friday, December 9, 2011


We took the twins to meet Santa Claus for the first time on Friday night at our ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) Holiday Open House.

Apparently they are not big fans of Santa Claus...

Being the wonderful and loving parents we are, we decided to torture them a little bit more by taking them to see Santa Claus again on Saturday at Cabela's. (And we guessed the Cabela's Santa would be a little bit more of an authentic looking Santa. We were right!)

But nope...definitely still not fans of Santa...

They even tried escaping...
Poor Santa...I wonder if that Santa had experienced screaming toddler twins before!


  1. Oh my gosh! That's hilarious... one for the scrapbook for sure!

  2. I hate to see your boys so unhappy but the pics are so funny. They will love looking back at these when they are older! :)

  3. Seriously...those are some SMART boys. Santa is directly opposite of EVERYTHING we teach our kids...they're sitting on a complete stranger's lap and telling him all their secret wishes! If it were anyone other than Santa, we'd be telling them to run like hell in the opposite direction!!! So your boys just got the whole "stranger danger" thing down at an early age.

    Seriously, though, I absolutely LOVE these pics, especially the first one when they are so nicely looking at the camera and screaming. It's too bad your Christmas card is already done because you could think up some fabulous caption and use this picture!