Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Monday, January 23, 2012


The climbing phase has begun. I'm guessing it won't be over anytime soon either...

Look where we found Will. Guess he finally learned how to use the ottoman and other chair to climb up on the couch!

Eli tries, but with no success.

They climb in bins.

The climb on bins.

They climb on gift boxes.

They climb on diaper boxes.

They even climb on toilet paper. I mean, why not?

A race to see who can get on next!

As you can see, Will is very proud and excited. And Elijah in the background is a little upset and wants his turn!

Here are the boys today after church yesterday. Will used the piano to get up on the couch. Poor Elijah wants to get up there by himself so badly!

And Nick watched this shenanigan as it happened. Being the good parent he is, he didn't stop it, but quickly grabbed the camera to document it. I'm proud of you, Nick!

You can clearly see for yourself how Will magically appeared on top of the table!

First tip over the play kitchen...

Then use it to climb into the red bin of toys...

Re-position yourself...

Climb onto table...easy peasy...

Eli is sure trying hard. I'm sure it won't be too long before he can do the same!

And don't you worry, this wasn't a one time event for Will. He's done it a few times since. Here they are yesterday while I was getting them dressed for church. Poor Eli. You can just feel the frustration on his face! It as if he's saying, "Will, take me up there with you!" :)

And this morning I watched Will get up onto the couch by climbing on top of Eli. I'm not kidding. Will used Elijah as a step. Hilarious!!


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