Vincelli: Party of 6

Vincelli: Party of 6

Friday, January 27, 2012


Elijah and Will LOVE to read. And I mean love, lOvE, LOVE!! It is so precious!

They've always enjoyed books, but for the last two months, they have been all about BOOKS! These photos were all taken in December and January.

I must clarify that they don't necessarily like us reading to them. If we try to hold them and read a book, most often they don't want anything to do with it. But they do love holding books and paging through them on their own. Usually I just end up reading aloud a different book while they are looking at their own books. Oh well, whatever works! :)

This was their favorite reading nook during December. Nested in all the pillows and stuffed animals we keep between these two chairs. They loved to snuggle up in here and read together. Sometimes I would be cleaning up from snack or lunch and suddenly it'd be very quiet. (Which you know is never a good sign.) But then I'd find them either playing quietly or reading in their little nook. So adorable!!

Our sweet little bookworms

But after Christmas, we moved the chair back to where the tree was. So their favorite nook disappeared.

So now their new favorite place to read is in their new chairs from Ikea. They look like such little boys (not babies!) in their chairs. (Those chairs are AWESOME and we highly recommend them. Plus they will be able to grow into them and use them for years and years to come!)

Here are the boys the next morning after they got the chairs. The first thing they did was grab a book and climbed up on their chairs to read!

Lately they've even been pulling up their blankets on them while they read. They are so sweet together. What little men!

They read in their jammies...

They read with clothes on...

Sometimes they read in the nude...

and sometimes with extra clothes on...
(Elijah was really upset when we took off his vest to put his pj's on. So, we put his vest on over his pj's and he was content. Looks like we might have a little fashionista on our hands.)

Sometimes they read while getting their diaper changed on the changing pad!

And they've even been spotted sitting on top of books while reading books. :)

Notice all the books surrounding them. They read a lot of books. Now if they would just learn how to put the books back nicely instead of tossing them to the floor!

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